What does RTS mean?

It’s the abbreviation for Radio Technology Somfy®. This is a wireless home automation control system by radio waves, using a remote control, or sometimes a switch.

Is Somfy RTS reliable and secure?

With over 10 million installations throughout the world, RTS has become the standard for secure radio technology in the residential and commercial building markets:

  • Rapid installation: because there is no wire between the electric motor and the control unit, installation time is reduced and there is no damage to walls.
  • Easy to live with: with a range of 200M in free space or 20M through a reinforced concrete wall, it is powerful enough to provide efficient remote control in all rooms within a home.
  • Reliable: a secure rolling code with 16 million possible combinations makes your RTS installation secure. Its narrow bandwidth means that RTS never interferes with other lighting and security systems; telephones, televisions, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Upgradeable: as your needs change, you can add new controls and automatic features or replace them without changing the architecture or affecting the decor of your home.

Can my customer operate RTS motorised equipment with a single remote control?

Certainly, RTS technology is compatible with all Somfy applications. With a single remote control, your customer can operate all the motorised applications in the home, from the roller garage door to the internal blinds.

What makes Somfy home automation products different?

Somfy approaches home automation from the standpoint of motorising the openings around the home. With the perfection of Somfy Radio Technology, home automation controls no longer need any electric wiring. This means home automation projects can be completed without costly building work or a complete make-over. Home automation has become simpler and more versatile.

What support do I get from you?

We have a dedicated team committed to supporting our customers in the field. Our customer services department are at hand to troubleshoot on the phone or guide you through a problem while you’re on site. We also have field based service engineers, that can visit sites where a Somfy motor or control issue requires expert evaluation.

What are your guarantees?

Somfy Rollixo RTS control products and RDO motors are supplied to roller garage door assemblers with a 5 year warranty. Your warranty agreement is with the company that you purchase the roller garage door system from. Ask your supplier to confirm the warranty details of the Somfy Rollixo RTS and motor supplied with the roller garage door.

How can I find my nearest assembler?

Access the ‘Where To Buy’ page to locate an assembler supplying the Somfy Rollixo RTS controller and RDO motors for roller garage doors.

Use this link to navigate to the page: WHERE TO BUY